The Virtual Assistant's MOOC

#VAmoocEU project

The project #VAmoocEU aims to create a MOOC and related resources for vocational education and training (VET) learners and entrepreneurs on how to work as a VA, considering the skills and knowledge to develop as well as the entrepreneurship skills specific to such jobs.

A virtual assistant (VA) is a person who provides administrative, creative or technical support services. By taking over recurring tasks and administrative work, they can free up time and offer flexibility to their clients. They often work from home and can be located in any country. Some virtual assistants work as independent freelancers while others are part of a company or agency.
Virtual assistant is now a proper career, based on evolving jobs, working methods and market needs that make the most of key and digital competences.

Therefore, the outcomes of this project will support VET providers in the adaptation of their training offer to changing skills needs (in particular business skills and entrepreneurship), green and digital transitions (by developing trainees’ digital skills and providing new perspectives for learners and trainers into possible career paths).

The course will offer a balanced mix of vocational skills and create work-based learning opportunities. It will be designed for people in training as well as active professionals, to create or improve an existing activity. The project will produce six related resources.

Through this project, the partners seek to offer an innovative methodology, tools and strategies for the development of market-relevant skills in the business services sector, as well as support entrepreneurship in this field. All the results will be translated into the 6 languages of the project: English, French, German, Spanish, Greek and Polish.

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