ITD - Innovation, Transference and Development (ESpaña)

Mariana Pfenniger, Head of Consulting and International Projects

Our mission is to transfer and to develop new models and projects of social, cultural, educational and economic development. From a local perspective, we aim to increase the welfare of citizens by concrete and integrated answers to the needs of people, organizations and territories, transferring the experience and the knowledge of their associated organizations. ITD activities are based on a constant dialogue between excellence models and successful acts, and finding innovative solutions for the necessities of the client, especially in Europe and Latin America.

Avinguda Fabregada, 22 – 1a planta 08907 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona, Spain)

YuzuPulse (France)

Alice Godayol, director

YuzuPulse aims to bring innovation closer to the social economy and education. To do so, we accompany teachers in using ICT tools and gamification to offer innovative methods to teach languages and STEM, and to support the development of key skills and entrepreneurship in formal and non-formal education.

99 boulevard Constantin Descat 59200 Tourcoing, France

C.I.P. Citizens In Power (Cyprus)

Doris Christodoulou, EU Project Manager - Researcher

Citizens In Power (CIP) is an independent non-profit, non-governmental organization in Cyprus that addresses the needs and demands of people through their involvement in social and civic life, by simultaneously providing them innovative material and free trainings related with a variety of fields, such as education (including on-line education), inclusion, entrepreneurship and business, culture, labour market and lifelong learning.
CIP mainly aims at the development of education, entrepreneurship and lifelong learning in Cyprus and abroad. To achieve these targets CIP has an ongoing collaboration with the leading universities, schools, NGOs and research organizations in Cyprus for the development of projects, trainings and educational material. CIP retains a valuable network of professional trainers and educational experts experienced in both formal and non-formal education.

Alexias 24, Lakatamia, 2304, Nicosia, Cyprus

Education Centre EST (PoLand)

Łukasz Putyra, Director

Education Centre EST is a non-profit, non-governmental organization working in the fields of education, research and culture. Our main goals are: taking initiatives in the field of non-formal education which supports also formal educational institutions, developing talents and interests of children, youth and adults, supporting youth and adults in improving qualifications and skills useful on the labour market and counteracting discrimination and social exclusion. To achieve those goals, we conduct research and development activities in the field of education, develop and test training programs, run courses and workshops in areas such as innovative education, digital technology, foreign languages, arts, crafts and intercultural communication, organize conferences and seminars and participate in international cooperation and learning mobility programmes.

Al.M.B. Fatimskiej 66, 34-100 Wadowice, Poland

EELI - European Education & Learning Institute (GReece)

Venetia Kimioni, EU project coordinator

The European Education and Learning Institute (EELI) is an adult educational and training institute, based in Rethymno, Greece. Our aim is to actively offer services in a wide range of community programmes aiming to actively contribute to the lifelong learning of people of all ages and strengthen cooperation in education throughout Europe. We deeply embrace the idea that people just never stop learning and through its work and its international network, EELI promotes research, regional development and cohesion, the development of transnational partnerships and European projects and skills to upgrade professional qualifications. EELI designs and manages European programmes; assisting stakeholders to work together, develop, share and transfer best practices and innovative approaches; developing and testing of training curriculums and materials; organizing seminars, workshops and training activities for educators, trainers, teachers, professionals, unemployed and young workers. EELI also provides public and private educational institutions with technical assistance in the development and implementation of EU programmes and research projects. The Institute’s expert team, specialized in EU funded programmes, provides consultancy and guidance in relation to EU policies, funding rules and the planning of multilateral projects.

Gerakari 25, Rethymno 74100, Crete, Greece

bit Schulungscenter GmbH (Austria)

Laura Reutler, EU project coordinator

bit (= best in training) schulungscenter (= training centre), founded in 1986, is one of the leading private education providers in the area of labour-market projects, vocational education, training and employability in Austria. Our clear strength is our experience and know-how in designing (didactics, methodology, instructional design) and carrying out diverse national and international projects. We have substantial experience in working with different target groups, e.g. young people, young unemployed adults, and their educational needs through our regular activities. We employ 263 highly experienced staff in seven Austrian regions, which enables us to draw on up to-date know-how and creative training methods for the design of our projects.

Kärntner Straße 311, 8054 Graz, Austria

Logopsycom (Belgium)

Fanni Pozsonyi, EU project coordinator

Logopsycom is an education innovation center that creates and uses alternative methods or tools (digital or not) to accompany schools, VET centers, educational organizations, youngsters and parents. It was initially created as a care company, specialized on learning disorders, among youngsters, especially in “Dys” (Dyspraxia, Dysphasia, Dyslexia, etc.), also called Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) and therefore always works on the accessibility of content.

We do project consulting for schools and youth centers in our area to help them build good projects which improves the quality of their teaching methods, their environment and obviously their “inclusion policy”. We have experience in working over 30 Erasmus+KA2 Projects

Bd Sainctelette 39, 7000 Mons 

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