All the resources developed in this project will be published here and can be downloaded for free. They will be available in English and in the partner languages (DE, ES, FR, GR, PL).

They are designed for digital service providers, active or in training; vocational education and training (VET) learners and trainers interested in market relevant skills; Unemployed and disadvantaged people; VET organizations; Employment counselors.

Booklet on virtual assistants

“Virtual Assistant: A Rising Career in Europe” a literature and research review about VAs in the EU


Info about 3 aspects of a virtual assistant’s work: possible activities, types of contracts and work opportunities, and an overview of the technologies and tools to use.


Free online course, focused on the needs of the EU market. It covers the most useful tools, rising trends and redirects advanced learners to other free quality content.

Tutoring Chatbot

A training resource to complement the MOOC and help learners with common queries and follow-up studies, to make sure they integrate the knowledge and skills into their daily practice.

The VA's toolbox

It gathers tools for VAs’ activities, and presents case studies to offer guidance on a wide range of digital skills, thus helping learners to get a comprehensive view of possible growth areas.

Course design material

targeting organizations, such as: VET, employment, counseling and those working with socially disadvantaged people. A resource about how to use the MOOC, chatbot, and toolbox, in the context of training courses that respond to job market trends.

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