Launch of the Virtual Assistant’s tutoring chatbot

Have you already signed up to participate in the MOOC on virtual assistance that we recently launched? Do you want to solidify your knowledge with daily training? Do you prefer shorter and more dynamic lessons? Do you want to learn more about remote work from your cell phone? We are very happy to announce that in parallel to the MOOC, we have also developed a tutoring chatbot to accompany you in this process of becoming a successful virtual assistant!

Chatbots are computer programs using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to simulate human behaviour and interact with people automatically. In simple words, they are conversational robots operating over a messaging app that can answer many users’ questions. As a microlearning tool, they have all the tools needed to deliver pieces of information and evaluate whether learners understand the information given.


  • Available 24/7
  • Spaced interval learning
  • Conversational course assessments
  • Learning at a more adapted rhythm depending on learners’ answers by offering them complementary information when it is needed
  • Mobile learning experience
  • Small study lessons to ensure a more regular lesson reviewing
  • Inclusiveness for readers with SLDs thanks to the delivery of short and timely pieces of information

The Virtual Assistant’s tutoring chatbot aim is to tutor MOOC, VET learners and active digital services providers in developing their skills and knowledge related to Virtual Assistants competencies and in integrating them into their daily practice. It will help you to learn to identify the profile of a Virtual Assistant and lead you to the first steps to becoming a great one. It will show you how to build your portfolio, get your first clients, and inspire you! Moreover, it will help you to overcome your fear of promoting yourself and give you tips to have a good online presence.

You will navigate to find networking strategies and see how to expand and maintain your network and your client pool. It will help you to understand what it means to be entrepreneurial as a VA and enhance you to gain entrepreneurial thinking and skills.

Have you ever wondered if remote work affects productivity? The tutoring chatbot will give you some advice on this point by highlighting the challenges of remote work, the need of a work-personal life balance and by mentioning the most common distractions you might encounter.

Requirements to become an administrative assistant, a copywriter, a community manager, or an event manager. Ways to create a sustainable website and to evaluate the environmental impact of your digital project; basics skills to develop to be an expert on new technologies and be able to provide these services as a VA. Learn all of the above by having a conversation with the VAmooc tutoring chatbot! Besides, this tool will:

  • Provide daily reminders
  • Provide microlearning content and quizzes to keep learners’ knowledge up to date
  • Deliver on-demand tutorials and additional resources for learners when they are working to make the information from all other results easier to navigate and readily available

Are you interested in using the Virtual Assistant’s tutoring chatbot? Start your journey towards becoming a great Virtual Assistant!



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