Weaving Networks as a Virtual Assistant: What is networking? How to benefit from it?

Networking is essential in order to develop professional or social contacts. This can be done in person, for instance during events, online, and in formal and informal settings. It consists of interacting with others to exchange different assets, which can be monetary and non-monetary and can include:

  • Goods
  • Services
  • Connections
  • Rights
  • Feedback
  • Knowledge
  • Market development
  • Commercial Agreements
  • Money
  • Reputation
  • Visibility
  • Information

Why is it useful?

The value of networking lies in finding coincidences and opportunities to link with another person. Professionals usually use networking to expand their acquaintances, look out for job opportunities in their field, develop relationships that can help them grow their business, or increase their knowledge in certain sectors. Weaving networks as a Virtual Assistant will be essentially relevant in order to promote your work and find clients.

How do I build a network?  

In the following, there is some advice on how to self-promote yourself and learn how to find clients through networking:

  • Introduce yourself: Think about a way to introduce yourself that people can remember.
  • Create your pitch: How do you want to present yourself and your services?
  • Quality over quantity: It is better to have meaningful conversations with fewer people than many conversations with as many people as possible without purpose.
  • A question sparks conversation: This is a good way to break the ice! Develop some communicative strategies for this.
  • Listen to others: Don’t only come with a result goal in mind, take time to hear what others have to say about themselves.
  • Do not ask for a job contract: If the person does not have any offer to make, it will cut the conversation short, whereas a less utilitarian discussion can bring opportunities in the future.
  • Be constantly updated: Once you have built a personal network, you must maintain active relationships with it to keep up with the latest industry news or job or contract offers.

For more information, we strongly recommend you study the MOOC lessons on Self-promotion and finding clients and Entrepreneurship Skills that we have developed for you on this link: https://logocourses.eu/courses/virtual-assistant-mooc__eng/

You can also do exercises and receive reminders about the above lessons by talking to our chatbot: https://www.facebook.com/vamoocbot

Additionally, we have developed a tool for developing your networking skills. It consists of a set of cards from which you can pick a few so as to reflect on your networking goals, practice, and development.

Start developing your networking skills with this tool: https://virtualassistantmooc.eu/toolbox/ 



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